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times litfest bengaluru

About the Festival

The sixth edition of Times LitFest Bengaluru is back from February 8. The two-day event brings together several international authors, along with thinkers, writers, ex-diplomats, journalists, leaders and entertainers from across India to engage in insightful debates and discussions.
The festival is a congregation of ideas, thoughts and opinions from over 70 speakers from different walks of life at the iconic Jayamahal Palace. Apart from captivating sessions, there are launches of fascinating books and workshops to keep visitors involved.

To enthral the many-literary minded citizens of Bengaluru, the festival has a variety of thought-provoking sessions, including an hour of discussion on the world that lies beyond human life — the paranormal or supernatural, involving writers Jay Alani and Neil D’Silva. The session titled ‘Fairytales no more: What children read?’ examines the reading preferences and habits o f the younger generation. Stand-up comedian Papa CJ will be in conversation with bestselling romance writer Ravinder Singh.
The festival also includes discussions on mythology, history, crime, fiction, storytelling, romance, modern relationships and other, equally diverse subjects.

Besides panel discussions, Times LitFest will have a variety of workshops that will focus on various aspects and facets of illustration, painting, parenting, gender, sexuality and other topics.

With many upcoming books this year, the festival will host a large number of book launches and signings which will give enthusiasts a chance to meet their favourite authors in person and get a personalised, signed copy.

Bengalureans, save the dates and don’t miss out on this great celebration of literature and ideas in your neighbourhood.

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